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  1. Annual costs of heating lower up to 50% than electric heating.
  2. Annual costs of heating lower up to 30% than gas heating.
  3. In comparison to gas there are no maintenance costs (savings 900 000 CZK minimally).
  4. New electrical installation is not necessary.
  5. It need not be placed below the window (anywhere in the room including the ceiling).
  6. Heating uses the same principle as the tile stove, partially accumulative.
  7. Combinable with all the possible heating systems.
  8. It dehumidifies the walls.
  9. Fast and easy mounting, no construction work.
  10. Service life - 50 years.
  11. No dust circulation.
  12. It keeps the 52-58% humidity in the room.
  13. Temperature in each room is controllable.
  14. It is possible to make the size and the shape of the broad-stone according to your request.
  15. While the moving it is possible to take it easily with you.
  16. Low investment costs.
  17. Environmentally friendly.
  18. Suitable for allergic people.
  19. Guarantee - 5 years.

There are several clear reasons that show the price advantage. It has been found out by the survey of Munich institute that it is the cheapest way of gaining the energy in comparison with fuel oil, natural gas and district heating. Compared to a common heating the natural stone heating is more advantageous not only in electricity consumption but mainly in the maintenance costs. There are no maintenance costs.

Natural stone heating does not need any boiler-room, fuel storage, forward buying, changes of construction and chimney. There is not any closing or maintenance of the complicated fuel engineering. The calculation of heating costs, mainly while leasing, is easy. Rated power and consumption are economic, not least due to the special tariffs for electricity that are offered by power stations. Concerning these tariffs, the discharging current must be measured by special electrometer and then it is calculated according to the special low tariffs.

All in one: In comparison to the standard heating the natural stone heating looks more elegant, it brings a pleasant atmosphere in a room in relation to the environment and it costs less.

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