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Our motto is: To heat intelligently

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Compared with the natural stone heating the other heating elements are old furnaces. Compared to them the natural stone heating has three priorities:

  • for your eyes
  • for your feeling
  • for your wallet

Natural stone heating uses electricity. The third priority will call your attention to this fact. It was found out by the survey of Munich institute that it is the cheapest carrier of energy in comparison with fuel oil, natural gas and district heating. In the Czech Republic the environment is highly burdened with emissions caused by transportation. Then the industry and households follow. And number-four focus is a power station that is considered to be the smallest threat. Besides, there is a possibility that a balance will improve if the renewable energy resources such as water, wind and the sun are used.

Unfortunately, this is still in its infancy. In spite of it, today, in addition to the concern about the environment itself, it is as well important to save resources such as fuel oil and natural gas, two world-limited resources - they are saved thanks to the natural stone heating.

Firstly: Natural stone heating looks lovely. If you compare common heating elements or massive block heaters with natural stone heating system, you will find out what we have in mind.

Secondly: Warmth emitted by the natural stone is far more pleasant. It is not a superstition it is the fact which comes from the heat gain. As you know, old heating element system heats thanks to short wave thermal radiation whereas the natural stone heating uses long wave thermal radiation.

Thirdly: Natural stone heating is also friendlier to your wallet. Compared to the common heating, the natural stone heating is more advantageous not only in electricity consumption but mainly in service costs. There are no service costs.

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