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When the stone heating elements reach the temperature higher than 50°C, they start to emit the long wave radiation on the basis of special properties of granite and marble. The sun also emits the long wave radiation and the block heater as well. Do you remember the pleasant and comfortable warmth gained from the block heaters?

Common heating elements heat the air by means of the short waves round the heater. The warm air rises and moves along the ceiling, after that it falls down onto the floor and flows towards the heater. This heat flow is known as a circulation that causes the constant draught in a certain way. It also has two disadvantages. The heat flow can reach the temperature difference up to 15°C, it moves, it is the hottest below the ceiling (hot head) and it is the coldest above the floor (cold feet). Excrements containing allergens of the domestic dusty mites get dried out and then they fall into small pieces that join the dust and consequently they circulate due to the continuous movement of air. This movement of air bothers all asthmatics and allergic people. But also healthy people feel better breathing conditions and their health improvement if this vicious circle is interrupted. And moreover, you will not have to dust a place all the time.

Thermal radiation from the natural stone is almost without the continuous movement of air. Thermal radiation from the natural stone permeates the walls, the ceiling, the floor and the objects in the room. Thermal radiation fills up the room with the pleasant and comfortable warm. You would have a feeling as if the room was heated by a tile stove or the sun. All the room takes slowly the thermal radiation and gives it back. And so we can compare all the room to the heating. Therefore, according to your requirements, the temperature in the room can be lower up to approximately 3°C. It reduces heating costs, so 18% energy saving.

In addition to this fact, the natural stones can absorb the humidity as a sponge and in case of need they can return it. Thanks to this property the natural stone heating maintains constantly the 52-58% air humidity.

Magazine FOCUS (03/95) writes about the natural stone heating: " It offers the pleasant warm and it is clear heating without any smoke, dust and smell, so ecologically beneficial, and then it saves electricity. Air drying is impossible.

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