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Procedure of inserting data in the form:

  1. 1. Download the form by clicking HERE . Open and fill in all the contact data.
    1. These data will not be used for purposes other than for free insertion into the database of our firm
  2. 2. Choose a kind of a heated construction.
    1. Use an icon to choose a particular kind of a construction in the Czech Republic.
      1. Low energy construction 17%
      2. Brick construction 56%
      3. Old construction 27%
  3. 3. Insert height of a ceiling in the rooms.
    1. If the height of the ceiling is different in each room, use an individual table on relevant sheet for each individual ceiling. Do not forget to fill in the table head with your personal details.
  4. 4. Insert dimensions for each room in m2.
    1. Insert numerical data only, decimal numbers will be rounded up automatically.
  5. 5. After inserting all the data save the table typing your surname and name (i.e. Novak Frantisek) and e-mail it in the attachment:

You will be sent heat consumption calculation table as well as investment purchase costs of RoKuMat´s stone heating within 2 days after your e-mail has been received.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Miss Ivana Hudova
Commercial department officer
RoKuMaT Ltd.

On behalf of the RoKuMaT company

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