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Metamorphosis is a mysterious phenomenon which occurs in the very deep core of the Earth when a shapeless mineral of no form metamorphoses into a formed and shaped mineral whilst facing strong influence of forces, heat and motion. That's how marble came into its existence, however, it took millions of years. Not only ancient artists and labourers from the Antiquity Age but also modern methods and technologies admire and draw from such precious material, which marble undoubtedly is.

In the antique architecture the marble became soon well-known as construction material which could express style and elegance, and beautiful constructions were built from it. After using marble in many places the formula: "The more marble used, the bigger the luxury." came up to people's minds. The most artists in the Antiquity Age shared the same thoughts. Nowadays, it is different. There is no demand for luxury but people prefer the quality of housing. With regard to this we believe that we have found the optimal material. However, not when it is used in a large area but it can be used as a supplement of the inner architecture. Besides, marble gains another special function whilst being used as natural stone heating. So, there is no doubt to say that it is not only beautiful but it is also useful.

Efficient workers exploit granite and marble blocks of several tons in the traditional stone-pit in Italy and Greece. These blocks are separated by hydraulic wedges according to the natural lines. Many kinds of stone can be found in certain stone-pit, others in mountains or some of them are easy to find around the whole region. Volakos-marble is exploited in the stone-pit in Volakos in Greece. After the exploitation blocks are carried to the firms processing the natural stone. They are consequently cut into the boards by huge hack-saws, which can sometimes last several days.

Then it is followed by treatment - stonecutters´ work. The granite and marble blocks are ground and polished as they would be untreated diamonds. And the final work will not be finished until the stone reveals a bright white, beige or ruddily blue and sparkling surface and shows its stylish beauty. That's how the marble gains its typical velvety and shining bright surface. At the end of the process the edges are the same ground and polished. After finishing this work grooves are rebated on the back side and an electric heating line is installed and again reclosed by marble chamotte. The board of the natural stone has now its final appearance.

Where there used to be a radiator, now there is a place for fantasy. Where there used to be a varnished metal plate, now there is a place for beauty. Marble heating blocks - natural stone heating - are nature pictures called Palissandro, Nuvolato or Blue Pearl.

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