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Natural stone heating is controlled by thermo-regulators that also lead automatically to less consumption. The temperature of a room is constant without desired continuous heating power. It is possible to set the temperature individually in each room by means of the individual room regulations. Natural stone heating is independent on the given heating periods because the thermo-regulator provides the optimal room temperature at the minimal power take-off. It is sufficient to set it initially and consequently the thermo-regulator will keep constant temperature. As a result of balanced heating distribution from our radiant heating, there is neither humidity nor fungi on walls.

Natural stone heating reaching 90°C is disconnected automatically due to the temperature-sensitive sensor. There is not dust circulation in comparison to other standard heating. There is no danger of burning because the natural stone acts also as a heat conductor. Natural stone heating is made of materials that do not emit any harmful vapours and they do not jeopardize the human health. There is no risk of electro-smog: magneto field of a heating element reaches the field intensity of 0,3 A within the distance of 1 m. Even the bulb with the spiral helix reaches a higher value.

Heating blocks are made of materials according to the special manufacturing process. Thanks to such materials we easily gain:

  • balanced heating distribution
  • service life of heat conductors and heating blocks
  • maximum utilization of radiant heat

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